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Sometimes you experience symptoms in your mouth that cause you to wonder what’s going on and if you need to see a dentist.root-canal-2 If you are thinking you might need root canal treatment, it’s time to see the dentist for an examination. Here are some common signs that you may need this treatment. Keep in mind, however, that you may or may not experience all of these symptoms.

One indicator that something is wrong is when a tooth causes pain. Sometimes pain may be severe, causing you to rush to the dentist. If the pain is sharp or intense, or even if it is a dull ache that lasts for several days, make a dental appointment as soon as possible. Remember that some teeth requiring root canal treatment don’t hurt at all, so regular checkups are important.

An obvious sign of infection is swelling. If you notice your jaw or face is swollen, see your dentist. It doesn’t always mean root canal therapy is needed, but the dentist can advise you about the best way to treat the swelling and any infection.

If you experience sensitivity when you consume anything that is hot or cold, it can be a sign that root canal treatment is necessary. Mild sensitivity can even be a sign, especially if the sensation occurs near a certain tooth each time.

Darkened tooth
Discoloration of a tooth can mean something unwanted is occurring within the tooth’s nerve space. Gray, dark yellow, or black are colors to look for and to consult your dentist if they appear. A tooth may also darken as a result of trauma or decay, so a professional examination is recommended to determine what’s causing the color change.

Gum boil
A gum boil is a lesion resembling a pimple that may appear on your gum tissue. It is often related to an infection inside the soft tissues of your mouth, and a boil results when pus accumulates. The lesion usually is tender and swelling can occur. See your dentist if you develop a gum boil, even if it comes and goes.

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