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If you’re looking to improve both your oral health and your smile, a dental crown or a bridge may be recommended. teethwhitening2They both improve the functionality and appearance of teeth, providing many health and cosmetic benefits to patients.

What are crowns?
These are basically caps that are placed over existing teeth. They restore the size, shape and strength of your tooth and make it look natural and appealing in your smile. Crowns can be made of various materials including ceramic, resin, plastic, stainless steel or metal alloys. A combination of materials may even be used to achieve ideal strength and appearance.

When are crowns recommended?
There are a number of reasons that dentists install crowns. They may protect a weak tooth, save a cracked tooth, restore a worn or broken tooth, hide a badly discolored or crooked tooth, hold a bridge, cover an implant, or aid in completing a cosmetic dental procedure.

What does the crown procedure involve?
A crown installation typically requires three dental visits. Initially, the dentist examines the tooth to advise the best material. On the second visit, the tooth is prepared and an impression is made for creating the crown in a dental lab, and a temporary crown is placed. The final visit involves replacing the temporary crown with the final one.

What are bridges?
These restorations consist of two crowns that are joined together by a tooth. Bridges replace missing teeth by relying on adjacent teeth for support. They are made out of the same types of materials as crowns.

When are bridges recommended?
Bridges are most often a solution for replacing a few teeth, especially on just one side of the mouth. They are only successful when neighboring teeth are strong and offer excellent bone support.

What is the bridge procedure?
While two crowns and a missing tooth are fabricated in a dental lab, teeth adjacent to the gap are trimmed and prepared for crowns. When the restoration is ready, the pieces will be joined in the mouth to create a bridge to be held in place by the crowns on both sides of the artificial tooth.

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